What's the Latest News?

July 2010

The "ALL NEW" 2010 Livermore Wine Map is in full production! Due to the success of our previous 2008 publication with an impressive 20,000 map sales, we are excited to announce the 2010 edition. There a several enhancements including beautifully updated artwork, 6 new wineries, and many new services, restaurants, and hotels listed that are excellent references while visiting our wine region.

July 2009

As you know, the Alameda County Fair returns to the Pleasanton Fairgrounds every year during June/July. In 2009, MapCo was presented with an amazing opportunity to promote our local wineries. As a Pleasanton resident, local business owner and huge supporter/promoter for the Livermore Valley Wine Region, Kelli Pearson, owner of MapCo Marketing, was extremely excited to participate in this endeavor.

3 large billboard-style display's of the Livermore Valley Winery map was placed in strategic, high traffic fairground locations. The largest display measures 10' x 8' and was located at the Race Track by "Wine of the Day" area, were fairgoers can purchase wine supplied by a different Livermore Valley Winery each day. The other 2 displays were located in the wine and beer garden (photo on right). These large map displays provided a fun, eye-catching, promotional representation of our Livermore Valley wineries and region.

Additionally, we provided individual winery maps for distribution to fairgoers at the event, which helps stimulate tourism and guest traffic throughout the year in our Tri-Valley and Wine Region.

The benefits for our local wineries include:

  1. Excellent promotional exposure at this event - These winery maps were a great way to catch the interest of over 400,000 fair attendees from across Northern California, providing them an enticing glimpse of what our wine region has to offer!

  2. Continued promotional exposure for future events - The 2009 Alameda County Fair will be just the beginning. It is our intention to continue using these new map displays for future Northern California events to further promote our local wine region;

  3. Aesthetically appealing, decorative display materials for two event high traffic stations - These large maps were prominently featured at both the "Winery of the Day" area and the "Beer and Wine Garden" at the fair.

On behalf of Mapco Marketing, we would like to offer a SPECIAL "THANK YOU" to the participating wineries who helped MapCo fund these displays, without these donations, these displays would not have been possible.

  • Boa Ventura

  • Cuda Ridge

  • Eagle Ridge Winery

  • Hidden Creek

  • Little Valley Winery

  • Longevity

  • LVC (Livermore Valley Cellars)

  • Red Feather Winery

  • Ryhan Estate Vineyards

June 2009

OUR LODI WINE MAP PRINTED AND DELIVERED! We have received amazing feedback, and have a crazy amount of map orders to fulfill, already! We will be posting photos soon

Kelli at the printer for the Lodi Wine Map press check

May 2009

We have sold out of our Livermore Valley Wine Maps and are reprinting. Our original print quantity was 15K expected to last two years, we went through them in less than a year. What a great problem to have!

February 2008

MapCo Marketing is proud to announce, private showings of our 2008 Livermore Valley Wine Country Map have received great reviews. With wineries, visitor centers, and local businesses, all raving about the quality, look, and feel of the map. There is much anticipation surrounding the release of this beautiful wine map.

March 10th 2008

MapCo Marketing announces the beginning of production on wine maps for five new wine regions in Northern California. See our "Wine Regions" page for more information.

March 16th 2008

MapCo Marketing delivers it's first maps to the Livermore Valley Wineries!

Our first delivery was at John Christopher Cellars located at Blacksmith Square in Livermore. Here's Kelli standing next to the very first proud wine map purchaser. We weren't there more than 30 seconds before we sold our first map :)

The gentleman actually wanted me to autograph his map, which I thought was kind of silly, but very rewarding! We made eight deliveries that day, by the end of the day I found myself autographing 10 maps, I started to feel like a celebrity!